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About Us

Fitness Achievers is a result oriented company that focuses on providing in-house training to our clients at the comfort of their home. In short, it means

we deliver the fitness training to your doorstep!

Anytime, anywhere!

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Our Principle


Your results are our utmost priority. Our coaches work with scientifically proven exercise programs and nutritional advice to deliver results in the safest and fastest way possible. We truly believe that our success depends on your success!


Train with us hassle-free as we take the initiative to come over! Training sessions are based on your preferred location and time. Do not worry about the necessary equipments as we will bring everything to you, no more excuses!


To deliver the best to our clients is what we strive for. It is our solemn duty to bring added values to the table, by making the training sessions enjoyable and effective as well as educating you in terms of health and fitness. You are our priority!



Small Group


Virtual Training

We Specialize in

01. Weight Loss/ Fat Loss

02. Muscle Building

03. Body toning

04. Improve stamina

05. Improve Flexibility

06. Basic Posture Correction

07. General Health & Fitness


01. Weights

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02. Circuit

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03. Kickboxing

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04. Kettlebell

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05. Sandbag & Corebag

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06. Battle Rope

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It's Time to Take Charge and Be the Best Version of Yourselves

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Kuala Lumpur / Petaling Jaya

Penang Island


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  • Sedna Testimonial Avatar

    "My health was at stake at one point and I kept getting abnormal heart rate alert from my smartwatch. Engaging Fitness Achievers is the best gift I gave myself in year 2020. I was hitting a dead end at one point of my weight loss journey where my body weight and body fat just stops reducing and I was frustrated about it. Thanks to my very engaged PT Daniel Lim for his motivation and holistic training and meal plans, I have successfully reduced my body weight and body fat and most importantly, my visceral fat to my most ideal figure. It feels great when people around me start noticing the difference and boost up my confidence with their compliments. Kudos to Fitness Achievers and special shout out to my PT Daniel Lim, you have done a great job in your coaching! 🤜🤛"

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    Jason Law

  • Sedna Testimonial Avatar

    "My friend and I did 2 on 1 personal training with @fitness.achievers to get spartan ready for the Super... . What I liked best about them: . 1. Qualified - all their trainers have the relevant background in sports and exercise. I like my trainers to know more about the function of the human body than me. I also like that they do continuing education because there is always something to learn about the science of exercise. It is also important for a trainer to keep up with new findings. . 2. Whole Picture - I like that they helped me incorporate PT into my existing workouts. There are some classes I really enjoy and I am loathe to cut them to spend all my time in PT. @desmondkzj helped me plan my week so I know what I should be doing even when I’m not in a PT session. Although I do confess that I broke the rules now and that but that’s on me. . . 3. Flexibility - they come to you or anywhere you want. I’m am a lazy person and I like that convenience. . 4. Personal diet plan - I must say I was most impressed with this. I received a good, better, best dietary recommendation based on the sort of foods I usually eat - not foods I would never touch with a ten foot pole. Given my low levels of self-control for the bad foods, it was nice to see how I could still improve my diet without having to completely change everything I eat - which, let’s be honest, I’d never have been able to adhere to anyway. . 5. Results. I am probably one of the least compliant clients around but even I saw results after 8 sessions. Not to mention that it was during one of the worst periods of the year - straddling Chinese New Year! I broke all the rules then! . 6. Affordable. Their fees are very reasonable for PT. . 7. Fun. Not usually a word I associate with personal training but our trainer was funny and we had good camaraderie. That’s always important if you’re going to be tortured. Besides a good laugh always helps when you’re dying. . So there you go... if you’re looking to try PT, I recommend @fitness.achievers - they’re great. I’ll be going back for my Beast training.

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    Shen-Li Lee

  • Sedna Testimonial Avatar

    "I got the jumpstart I needed to get on track. FA eased me into a routine with well-planned sessions 100% in the great outdoors. (a park, really). Never dreaded any session, until of course, I had to burpee 🙂 Every session was an improvement from the earlier, so that was a killer motivation to keep pushing. What was strenuous at the beginning became fun as I moved along. Thanks to Chun Wei for keeping me engaged and making every session challenging and interesting. Seven months on, my fitness is in a far, far better place, and it should only get better from here. So if you need that KICK to start, I'm sure Matt & team can give you a good one."

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    Christina Doss

  • Sedna Testimonial Avatar

    "One of the best things I committed myself to! Signed up for a month, ended up continuing for 5 more and counting. 💪 Really happy about the entire package - training done at your own place at your most convenient time, focus, know-how and dedication of coaches to help you get those results safely, and helping you make a positive change on your health. Shoutout to my coach Jonathan!! 🤙 For always giving me the right amount of challenge to improve and helping me be on track in fighting my health issues! You’re a life saver bro! 👊"

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    Justin Pantaleon

  • Sedna Testimonial Avatar

    "Long story short: Getting a personal trainer helps in everyway especially to enhance the fitness achievement in myself, this I must thank you my coach Bryan Lim! He has been a very dedicated, focused and devilish (in pushing you to the hell gate during training) in ensuring every training sessions count in order to achieve my fitness goal! Total achievement in this 6 months: I am "more" aware of what I put in my mouth (literally means food/diet) and hey I have lost 5kgs! Oh and biggest achievement, I have managed to do a full push up, yays! To a fitter, stronger and healthier version of me in #2018! --> journey to be continued with Fitness Achiever"

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    Sharifah Zuraida

  • Sedna Testimonial Avatar

    "There is a difference between Fitness Achievers. The Head of Fitness Achievers,Mr Matt Lim has completed his comprehensive tests of Gym Programs in Sport Academic. His degree is concerned mainly with Exercise ,Health and Sport. He also can meet the students requirements. Every trainer offers a Professional Master in Gym program which takes an advantages to the physicals course and combining them into one unique fitness program. I am a lady at 51 years old who wish to aspect gym to achieve my special fitness aspect. Because of Mr Matt Lim’s un-comprising spirit by giving confidence to his teaching strategic skills and made individual recognize their availability . Lastly ,I will recognize his effort and reward him with five stars because I have experience and seen their good service."

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    Michelle Chin

  • Sedna Testimonial Avatar

    "I've been training with Matt Lim for almost two and half years & believe he is one of the most experience & committed trainers around . Really enjoy the variety & challenge Matt Lim is focused on helping me achieve my goals & make every session challenging . Importantly -he ensure that my technique is alwsys correct to avoid my injuries -he is extremely reliable & punctual always set up & ready to start training ahead of time with an exercise routine planed ."

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    Lim Es

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